Chris Doc Strange Hypnotists based in Bristol

Comedy Stage Hypnotist Chris Doc Strange - The Comedy Stage Hypnotist Bloke in a White Coat is the Doctor to call when you want your Audience in Stitches.

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About - Chris Doc Strange

When You Need an Audience in Stitches, Call for the Doctor: Chris Doc Strange the Comedy Hypnotist Bloke in a White Coat From the second he appears one stage, Doc wins over the audience has them crying with laughter. Before he invites volunteers on stage for his eXperiMental Hypnotist Show, he's already working his magic. Volunteers are always treated with respect and given the chance to feel famous before their friends, without the fear of embarrassment as they always know what they are doing and can stop at any time. The fact is they don't stop, they love following his suggestions until the show is over. Those special people always say they would love to do it again and leave feeling refreshed and energised. The audience swear they have never laughed so hard or for so long. It's a great laugh and can be performed anywhere there is enough room to swing a cat. Book Chris Doc Strange now and rest easy knowing you've got an awesome show to come and look forward to, making your event the best it possibly can be.<br/>

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