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About - Classic Car Club

Classic Car Club - What's it all about? However you arrived at viewing this page on your screen, be it recommendation, rumour or the search for four wheel fantasy - congratulations on discovering Classic Car Club. Please read on carefully and prepare for your life to change forever. Through guile, skill and hard earned experience, we have created an exclusive private members club that, will improve and enhance your life - raising you to new, untold levels of driving pleasure. Upon payment of a meagre one - off joining fee, followed by an annual subscription, members receive an allocation of points, which they exchange for days in cars, that delight, entertain and generally throw their peers into pits of envious despair. Over and beyond the subscription fee you pay absolutely nothing - nada, zip, zilch. All of the responsibility for the associated downsides of ownership - depreciation, maintenance, insurance, tax, repair, blah, blah, blah fall on our broad and experienced shoulders. Hell we're so generous we even throw in unlimited mileage. Classic Car Club is so brilliant that we count motoring journalists, movie stars, rock n' rollers, comedians, celebrity chefs, top sportsmen and a whole host of other internationally rich and famous among our membership. We're not fool enough to believe it is our good looks and charm that attracts these demi gods to hang out with the likes of us. What these rulers of the world want, like us mere mortals, is fun, without ties and commitment: They, like us, are automotive swingers So, no more motoring nightmares for you, gone are those nightmarish days of driving bland, tedious cars. Join up and access a vast fleet of sexy, classic, modern and downright quirky automobiles to suit your every need, whim and fancy. Welcome to your new life, welcome to Classic Car Club.

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