Out On A Wing Falconry based in Saham Hills

Out On A Wing Falconry was formed in 2002 by husband and wife team Tim and Tina.

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About - Out On A Wing

Out On A Wing Falconry tries to mix entertainment with learning, and with over 40 years experience between them, they endeavor to teach the children to understand the beauty and fascination of birds of prey. Hopefully they will want to learn and interact with wildlife and will preserve wildlife for the future.

What to expect

We offer the Traditional Falconry Displays as well as Medieval and Talks to various types of groups from Scouts to WI.The stand will be permantently manned at all times the birds are on display and only the Falconers are permitted to hold the birds.It is possible that one or more members of the public are asked to assist in the display under supervision.The times of the Flying Displays are preferred to be from midday onwards with at least one hour between displays. A Public Address System with a headset microphone is required.

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