Simon Newton Look alikes Misc based in Crawley

Simon Newton Jack Sparrow lookalike as well as being a photo double for Johnny Depp himself in Pirates of the Caribbean. Lookalike and fully interactive character.

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About - Simon Newton

Add the finishing touch of Hollywood glamour or pirate swagger to your event by letting Captain Jack bring your party to life!<br/> <br/> &nbsp;Whether escorting your guests down the red carpet at your very own Oscars or welcoming your guests aboard your pirate party with a rum cocktail, Simon will make it an event to remember. Simon, who actually doubled for the real thing in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, can stay in character for the whole event from a meet and greet as the guests arrive through to mix and mingling with everyone as the event progresses, handing out awards, presenting prizes, you name it, Simon&rsquo;s probably been asked to do it!<br/> <br/> Simon has the wow factor to add to any themed event, as good as the real thing.

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