Bookers, Buyers & Hirers

“Herein after and for the purpose of these terms known as the client”

This agreement is made between the client and the supplier and may only be amended in writing, prior to the event date and if accepted by all parties.

The client accepts that; upon signing this agreement, any deposit paid is NON-REFUNDABLE and that any fees due are subject to our cancellation policy.

Connections Ents is under NO obligation to hold any supplier for any event date without receipt of an e-signed copy, written signed copy of this agreement along with the required deposit or reserved event fee.

Cancellations must be made in writing to Connections Ents and shall take effect from the date written cancellation is received. A 5% administration fee shall be applied to all cancellations made.

Cancellations must be made in writing within 60 days of the event

Cancellations made with less than 60 days will require 50% of the total amount paid.

Cancellations made with less than 30 days will require 75% of the total amount paid.

Cancellations made with less than 14 days will require the full amount to be paid.

Connections Ents reserves the right to replace any supplier on a like for like basis should the contracted supplier become unable to perform due to illness, accident, equipment failure or otherwise.

Should Connections Ents be unable to locate a like for like, alternative supplier or replacement service the Client's shall be refunded in full within thirty (30) days after the event Date. The client accepts that any refund received shall be as full and final settlement, as sole and exclusive remedy in either law or in equity and that the supplier, or Connections Ents is NOT liable for any further claim for compensation, loss or damages.

Connections Ents does not provide any warranties or guarantees with respect to a supplier’s quality of performance or service. The client accepts that Connections Ents is NOT liable for any suppliers; lack of service or poor performance. Any opinion of which does not constitute a claim for compensation in any form, customers reviews are welcome and encouraged.

The Client agrees to be fully responsible for any loss or damage suffered by Connections Ents, the supplier, equipment, representatives or otherwise during the performance, including, but not limited to, damage as a result of improper crowd control, negligent or willful misconduct by the client's guests or exposure to environmental elements.

Repeat bookers of multiple services may be granted a maximum of 30 days credit, subject to terms and conditions on the invoice supplied. An additional 5% charge shall be applied to any invoice that is NOT paid within 30 days and again on every calendar month payment remains outstanding.

Connections Ents reserves the right to refuse or withdraw any supplier.

The client is to ensure the safety of any supplier and provide a safe working environment. Where electrical equipment is in use at the venue, the client will ensure that regular examinations have been carried out and that services are safe to use.

As standard and unless stated otherwise in any additional rider, the client is to provide the supplier with; light refreshments, 1x 13amp power supply, a table, full access to set up or remove equipment and sufficient shelter from adverse weather. If the supplier is required to attend the event for more than 6 hours a hot meal and soft drinks should be provided.

At any event where children are to be entertained,it is the clients responsibility to ensure that a responsible adult is present at all times.

Any overtime or extended performances shall be agreed at a rate of pay prior to the event. Connections Ents is NOT liable for any payment made on the event. Payment made outside of this agreement is between the supplier and the client.